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About Us - Standard Exotics

Here in the Texas Panhandle, Maria and I breed different types of Bengal cats. We started our breeding company, Standard Exotics, to breed quality snow Bengal kittens, silver Bengal kittens, and marble Bengal kittens for sale. With over 15 years of breeding experience, we can assure you that quality is what you get when you buy a Bengal kitten or Bengal cat from us.

We specialise in breeding quality silver, brown rosetted, and marble Bengals as adorable pets or outstanding show cats. In the year 2007, we started to research Bengal cats online. We made searches like “Bengal cat for sale near me.” We believed what we wanted might be right under our noses. However, all the kittens proposed to us were not what we really wanted. Afterwards, Maria suggested that we broaden our search.

To focus on what we really wanted, we stopped looking for Bengal kittens for sale near me and began looking for Bengal cats for sale. Eventually, that search led us to a Bengal cat breeder in the UK. We later got our first Bengal cat from him and, afterward, grew into passionate lovers of the breed. Having them around warms our hearts as they are intelligent, loyal, affectionate, and playful.

Our First Bengal Cat

Our first Bengal cat was from a quality bloodline and grown by experienced Bengal kitten breeders in the UK. We did this to be 100% sure that our breeds will be super-quality Bengal kittens. 

So, they would come with the signature cute wild faces, strong heads with straight profiles, and lovely whisker pads. They would also have wide noses, ably placed ears, big eyes, tiger-roses potted spots with noticeable contrast, be transparent, and have very many marbles with praiseworthy markings.

The Bengal kittens we grow are very well socialized; this is 100% guaranteed because we raise our Bengal kittens in our home. They are handfed and socialised by our twin daughters and their dogs, who are our excellent cat socializers. 

Bengal cats have a wild appearance; their coats may include spots, rosettes, arrowhead markings, marbling, or other patterns. In addition, they have a golden sheen that stems from their leopard cat lineage. They are a lively breed that requires a lot of play and exercise.

Are you thinking, “Where can I find a Bengal kitten breeder near me?” Contact us if you want to buy cheap Bengal kittens.