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Health Guarantee for Bengal Cats/Kittens 

What to Expect from a Health Guarantee

A lot of people are familiar with the phrase “two-year health guarantee.” and believe that it means the owner guarantees that their kittens will not suffer from health problems. However, this is not the case for the first two years. The seller guarantees that the kitten will be in good health. Seller is unaware of any health concerns (including but not limited to upper respiratory tract infections and diarrhea) as kittens leave Seller’s premises. 

However, stress caused by environmental changes (especially when kittens are transported) could “break” the kittens with disease, even if the kittens didn’t show symptoms of infection at the time they left the property of the seller. This is the reason it is crucial to test within 4 days after receiving your kitten, as per the “Bengal Kitten Care” instructions. Read more about terms and services for Bengal cat breeders in Florida.

Ailment that causes Environmental Damage

Standard Exotics has no control over what happens after your Bengal kitten leaves the house. This is why there is a limited period (a couple of days). in which your kitten will be free of all environmentally infectious diseases or illnesses and you will be accountable. 

You can expect your cat to be current and healthy, with clean fur, sparkling eyes, and positive energy when you get it. The majority of the time, we ask our veterinarian to check the cat before it is taken home to conduct a health check. It is possible that we will require that the kitten go to the vet within a specific time frame to assess its health. This is an excellent practise for any animal that you bring into your home. 

Genetic disorder

A reputable breeder can provide the genetic health guarantee for up to three or two months (sometimes more). You are qualified to receive a substitute Bengal kitten within the allotted timeframe if a licensed veterinarian has diagnosed your Bengal kitten with a congenital or hereditary disease.

No breeder can assure you that there will be no problems. But the best method to avoid these destructive circumstances is to select your breeders with care. Contact us by searching “Bengal cats for sale near me.”

Shipping Guarantee

There are two quick and easy ways to get a cute Bengal cat for sale in California. If you live outside the United States, choose personal kitten shipment or standard kitten delivery.

Personal Kitten Shipping

This feature is available in addition to air transportation. To ensure your safety and a tranquil mind, we offer a reputable pet shipping company. In reality, the representative will take your kitten out of the cattery and towards the airport. They will then utilise the delivery van to transport the cat to your residence!

Standard Kitten Shipping

If you reside somewhere in or around the US, Canada, or Mexico, we can transport your cat to all major airports. In addition to the purchase price, the cost ranges from $200 to $300 (per kitten). This price includes air travel and a medical certificate signed by a veterinarian. It is not refundable in any way.

Kitten Flying

The most frequent problem we face is the safety of our travels for our kittens. We’re committed to providing a secure and comfortable experience for the kitten and its parents. Although We take care to book every flight. Ensuring that we take the shortest feasible path from the cattery to the pet’s new home. We keep flight times to a minimum of a couple of hours. 

According to airline guidelines, the cats need to have an official health certificate. from a veterinary professional that you can get upon payment for shipping. Each of the travel boxes is designed to accommodate your kitten. Kittens do not have to sit or do any silly poses during flight.

We make certain that the kitten is as comfortable as possible while flying back home. Good posture is essential! A soft, comfortable rug can keep your kitten warm and cosy. With water and food close at hand. Your kitten will enjoy a relaxing journey home. On the day of departure, our team members board Kitten. 

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Advice Centre

This page is designed to give tips and suggestions about the many aspects of owning Bengal cats. 

In the future, we will add and update. If you’re in need of assistance and cannot find it. Contact us by leaving a comment or reaching us by email.

Notice: While certain aspects of the health of your cat could be addressed. This information is not written by vet-trained individuals. 

If your cat’s health is showing symptoms of illness. Get an appropriate medical opinion and don’t rely on this site. Which should not be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment by a professional.