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Bengal Cat Breeders | Bengal Cats For Sale | Friendly Cats

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Greetings, I just wanted to tell you that Dina is doing extremely well with us. We bought her a cosy round cat cave bed, which she uses when it’s bedtime. 

She is the first cat we’ve had in the house, and everything seems to go as smoothly and well with her as if we’d previously owned a cat. She will get cuddles while on my wife’s lap when we are watching TV. 

Dina is a wonderful companion, and we thank you, Standard Exotics Cattery. We will be sending you photos from time to time.


San Diego California

Standard Exotics Cattery will provide you with the best by considering the well-being and health of your Bengal kitten as our top priority. 

Below are some of the wonderful things our customers are saying about Standard Exotics Cattery.

Thank you so much, Edward. Monka is a wonderful Bengal Cat; the entire family went to the airport for his pickup when his arrival time approached, and we are completely satisfied with the outcome. 

He is my disabled daughter’s best friend. Words can’t tell how much we adore Monka. Thank you again, Jill! Keep in touch.


South Carolina

About experience

He is gradually adapting to his new environment, as we are doing our best to make him feel like a king. He uses his litter so well, and he eats in a gentlemanly way. 

My daughters are taking him along wherever they go, and he is easygoing with our visitors. We are very pleased with our selection from your website. 

Coming across your site when we searched for Bengal cats for sale has brought much joy to our family, and we are grateful for the opportunity.


Austin Texas


Your life may feel complete if you are lucky enough to get a Bengal kitten from Standard Exotics Cattery. People have different opinions of what a cat is supposed to be, but you can turn your wish into reality if you listen to what Edward tells you. 

My silver Bengal kitten is intelligent with a great personality, and she is a charmer when she stares at you. We visited many pet stores, to the extent of almost giving up. 

On our search for Bengal kittens for sale at $500. Because we weren’t sure, we would get what we actually wanted due to our limited budget. But luck connected us to Standard Exotics Cattery. 

Thanks Edward, and thanks Gina


South Philadelphia

About The Bengal Cat

We love our Bengal kitten we bought from them five months ago. Edward is a very responsible breeder whose interest is to ensure the long-term health of his cats. 

I will come here again and again if I am to get more cats over time.


Orlando Florida

Our Lioni was adopted from Standard Exotics Cattery on March 12th. Lioni is the love of our life. She is so adorable, and my husband, who is allergic to dogs, is doing so well with Lioni. 

She is everyone’s worry wiper, and having her around feels so good. We cannot thank you enough for bringing such a wonderful bundle of joy into our family. We look forward to purchasing a second kitten from you guys in the near future.


Augusta Georgia

Overall Review

My husband actually did his homework when researching cat breeds when I asked for a kitten for my birthday. He noticed Bengals are the friendliest, good with children, and good with other animals. Khali has been a great companion to our family. 

Standard Exotics Cattery did an excellent job raising him. From the moment we opened his carrier when we first brought him home, Khali is so loveable and affectionate, and he fits right in! He sleeps in my bed at night and has to be right up against me, and he’s always giving us head butts to say hello. 

We thank you so much for our newest best friend; you truly did an amazing job bringing up this little boy.


Fort Collins Colorad

We want to thank you again for being so generous in giving us Tama. Words cannot express how much we love her! She is a wonderful Bengal kitten with much love and energy to give. All that you said about her and Bengal cats is true, and she is a great companion to our family! Everything is greatly appreciated, Edward! We will always stay in touch.


New Jersey

Jaspa is doing so well, and he’s already learning tricks and fetching. We plan on celebrating his birthday; we will send pictures to you. The big boy is so cute, and we love him very much. His spots are all showing through beautifully. Thanks much,


Rochester New York