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Terms and Policies

Make sure you’ve gone through and understood the following policy. before making a purchase or booking a Bengal kitten for sale. We collect personal information on our website in terms and policies. It is never shared or sold with third-party companies or individuals. We collect and save the information you provide on our site or communicate to us.

We can use the data to conduct internal market research; however, you will not receive unsolicited emails from us or any of our affiliated companies. Your email address is only used to reply to inquiries or provide feedback. We will not share personally identifiable information about customers. to advertisers or other third-party websites.

No declawing

Declawing refers to a surgery that involves the removal of a cat’s paw. It could cause long-lasting physical and emotional pain. Check out “The Truth about Declawing” to fully comprehend the significance of this surgical procedure. And Responsible breeders will want to protect their kittens from brutality at all costs. Learn more in the blog section about Bengal kittens for sale and about Bengal cat breeders in Florida.

After a certain age, neuter or spay. ​

Before sending their kittens home, some breeders neuter them. In which case, there is no reason to fret. However, if not, it is important to complete this task and send proof of neutering or neutralization. to the veterinarian by the date provided by the breeder. This can prevent backyard breeding; however, the process of neutering is essential for the health of your kitten.

unauthorised to roam around freely in the open air. ​

Standardexotics.com will require the kitten to live indoors. Or in an enclosed outdoor area depending on where you live. In many places outdoors, a cat’s life is short and comes with the possibility of a brutal ending. So, If you are not in agreement with these rules, don’t buy from the breeder. Remember, the breeder has the best interest of the kitten at heart. And you should take the same approach. Contact us for more details about Bengal kittens for sale near you!

Surrendering your kitten

A lot of contracts have specific terms and policies regarding this. What happens in the event that you don’t wish to keep a kitten?. A lot of breeders request that the kittens be returned in order to be able to find an appropriate place for them. If you decide to take your kitten away on its own. You could be breaking the agreement and should be aware of the clause.

Another reason the owner should keep your kitten is to protect it from being taken away. Or placed in an unsuitable home. The majority of the time, it is due to behaviours that the owner is unable to correct. Breeders must address any behavioural issues prior to returning. So to their homes to ensure their babies have the greatest chance to live their most fulfilling lives.

Return Policy

when the Bengal kitten’s medical condition is discovered. With an immediate or life-threatening condition, the seller will return the entire purchase amount or replace the kitten. an identical kitten of the same quality and type in the event that an alternative is available. The veterinary examinations are detailed in “Bengal Kitten Care.” Note that the terms, policies, and return policy will be null and void. when the cat has not been examined by a veterinarian.

within four days of receiving the item and providing a photocopy of the medical certificate from the vet. And all costs associated with the pet and return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. The health guarantee of the seller is null and void. in the event that it is allowed to be exposed to animals. within a week (7 days) of the date of purchase or when the kitten is permitted to roam around outside.

The seller guarantees that their kitten is litter-box trained. when the kitten is removed from the premises of the seller. However, the change in environment could cause confusion for the kitten and result in its improper removal. Buyers must ensure that their cat knows where to find its new litter box. And sellers advise using the same litter box and litter that they use to ensure that the kittens are not confused.

If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can get in touch with us as soon as you can after the receipt of your purchase to arrange a refund or exchange. If you suspect that the item was damaged or defective during transportation, you must contact us within 48 hours after receiving your order to schedule the return. Contact us for more details about Bengal cats for sale near you.

There is no refund in monetary terms. ​

While it is possible for kittens to be replaced in certain situations, the majority of breeders are clear that there will be no financial refunds after the kitten is gone. It becomes your kitten, and you are responsible for him. In particular, we could declare that the breeder should not be liable for the expense of a veterinary surgeon. If your kitten suffers from a congenital or genetic disease, It is possible to receive compensation in the form of a new kitten, but not monetary reimbursement.

It is crucial to build an effective connection with the breeder. in order that they can cooperate during a tragedy. Be aware that Standard Exotics does not have to pay any money. Once they have parted with your kitten, no matter the circumstances, They can offer assistance in the event that they feel it’s the best decision. However, breeders should have agreements to protect themselves from anyone who wants money back or refunds. Contact us for more details about Bengal cats for sale near you.