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Behind the Breed: Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are unsuitable for anyone looking for a quiet, couch-potato feline because they are an adventurous, outgoing breed. When compared to other cat breeds, these cats can be rather huge and commanding. And they would do well with individuals who recognise their bold spirits and agile abilities.

Bengal Cat’s breed is beautiful

it’s important to understand that because it’s a wild cat hybrid, owning a Savannah may be illegal or heavily regulated in some areas. Furthermore, purchasing a Savannah can cost a significant sum of money!

Bengal cats were created in 1986 when a Bengal breeder in Pennsylvania named Judee Frank crossed a Siamese domestic cat with a serval, a medium-sized African wild cat. Savannah, the resulting kitten, is how the breed acquired its name.

However, it wasn’t until the early 1990s that Patrick Kelly and Joyce Sroufe joined together to develop the breed. Following the formation of this alliance, other breeds, including the Egyptian Mau, Bengals, and Oriental Shorthairs, were employed to further improve the Savannah breed.

Savannahs were registered with the International Cat Association by 2001, and the breed received full TICA recognition eleven years later.

Savannahs have an incredibly distinct appearance.

Their ears are tall and perch directly on top of their heads, and their eyes are hooded and flat across the top. But what is these cats’ most distinguishing feature?

Their outerwear was noticedy distinct appearance. Their ears are tall and perch directly on top of their heads, and their eyes are hooded and flat across the top. But what is these cats’ most distinguishing feature? Their outerwear was noticed! Typically, these coats are brown, tan, or gold, but alternative colours include rosette, marble, and cinnamon.

In terms of size

Many Bengal cats resemble their wild counterparts and can grow to be fairly enormous, weighing anything from 8 to 30 pounds and standing rather tall. Their legs and bodies are often exceptionally long, and one Savannah was measured at 19 inches tall, making it the tallest domestic cat!

Their size varies according to generation and sex, and like other hybrid cats, first-generation Savannahs have more exotic facial features than subsequent generations. Every generation of any hybrid cat is labelled with a filial number that corresponds to the generation’s distance from a wild cat.

F1 Savannahs

For example, have one serval parent and one domestic cat parent, making them half wild cat and half domestic cat. F2s, on the other hand, have several grandparents and a mother who is an F1 Savannah. Savannahs with higher generations, such as the F1, have much more serval genetics.

A Savannah cat’s genetic makeup influences their personality, size (as previously stated), purchase cost, and, believe it or not, legality. Savannahs that are more like servals are bigger and can jump very high; some can jump up to 7-8 feet in the air!

Even individuals with fewer serf genes have been shown to be inquisitive, forceful, graceful, active, and loyal. Savannahs, in fact, act unlike any other cat they’ve ever encountered, as these cats can be readily trained to walk on a leash, enjoy excursions, and have even been known to enjoy water and games like fetch.

However, these cats are more expensive than your usual housecat; the cost of a Savannah kitten varies greatly depending on generation, pedigree, and health, but can range from $1,000 to $25,000. And finding a Savannah is difficult because they are difficult to breed. Because it is difficult to get a feral or domestic cat to reproduce, this breed is rare (and expensive).

Savannahs and other wild cat

Hybrids are outlawed or heavily restricted in various places in the United States because they are considered exotic pets. The Savannah Cat Association website has a list of which states allow Bengal cats and which do not, but it is always vital to do your own research to ensure that local jurisdictions allow the breed.

Some localities, such as counties or cities. May have different restrictions than the rest of the state. And may require strict licences to keep a Savannah. even if it’s just a pet.


Savannahs are only one of the wild/domestic cat hybrids that have been developed over the last century. And they are very attractive and graceful cats due to their exotic serval pedigree. These cats have long legs and spotted bodies. And they are considered to be adventurous, energetic, and spirited.

If you’re searching for a lap cat who will snuggle with you all day. A Savannah is not the cat for you. Despite their dislike of cuddling, these cats are friendly and affectionate with both family and strangers.

Have you ever encountered a Savannah cat? Or have you even heard of the breed? Tell me in the comments! And also you can buy online bengal cats.

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